Beauty is more than Skin deep


Our skin reflects inner vitality and is an outer indicator of our well-being. True beauty comes from reflection of our mind and spirit through our skin. We need to have clear healthy skin to reflect inner beauty just like we need to have clear glass to reflect the light from chandelier. With no light the beauty of lamp is not seen. True reflection of beauty comes only when there is inner beauty. Just like we need to keep the glass clean to view the bright light, we have to keep our skin healthy to see the reflection of inner beauty.


Skin care tips for radiant skin:

Hydration – the most important tip for keeping your skin healthy and luminous is hydrating your skin. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day. Try to avoid drinking carbonated beverages or other drinks filled with sugar and artificial colors as they will significantly dehydrate your skin. Our bodies use our skin to effectively excrete all the chemicals we ingest or inhale. To prevent evaporation use mild moisturizer or even any organic olive oil or coconut oil. Keep a humidifier in your bedroom as the heating in winter time takes out the humidity.

Skin protection – Be sure not to apply any harsh chemicals to the skin. Use only mild soaps and do not use any skin care products with Parabens. Parabens mimic estrogens and increase the risk of breast cancer. Do not go behind artificial cosmetics and should try only natural products. Cleanse your skin with natural products daily before you go to bed.

Healthy diet – Diet is the key factor to keep your skin healthy. Eat balanced diet, include green leafy vegetables, nuts and fruits daily, try to get at least 50% if them raw because chlorophyll in the green leaves helps with detoxification of the body. When you cook green leafy vegetables, chlorophyll is not effective anymore. Your diet must include skin healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, common sources are nuts (view my article on ‘Go Nuts and Crack Shells’ to know more about how to incorporate them in your diet). Consume food rich in carotenoids like carrots and papaya. Drink one glass of green tea daily to hydrate skin and at the same time to detoxify the skin.

Vitamins that keep your skin glowing – We need all vitamins and micronutrients to have healthy skin. Most importantly vitamin A, C, E and D. Vitamin C and E help to prevent skin damage from free radicals and help with skin healing.

Common mistake most people do is totally avoiding bright sun, because it gives skin tan. This is a misconception. Vitamin D plays a critical role in skin cell growth and repair. Skin around our eyes and facial skin is more prone for photo-aging. If you are concerned about this, cover your face with light cloth while sun-bathing or use wide-brim hat for walking and jogging. Do not rely on getting sun through glass doors, this will be harmful to your skin than helpful. Our skin needs vitamin D that comes from Sun rather than vitamin D from supplements. Please read my article ‘D-light from Sunlight’ for details on proper sun exposure. Eat food rich in vitamin A like Carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach. Protecting with food rich in lutein, zeaxanthin and vitamins might help counteract oxidative damage to the skin.

Sleep – I can’t stress enough how important is good night sleep to keep your skin healthy. Lusterless skin is quite easily noticeable in sleep deprived people. Your body does all the healing during the deep sleep. If you don’t sleep well, your body won’t get enough time to clear toxins from your skin.


Exercise – Exercise improves your skin circulation and your quality of sleep. Choose an outdoor area like park with little pollution. My daily work out is outdoor ‘Power walking’. To make full use of limited time I allotted for my exercise routine, I do both brisk walking with light weights, this has been working out good for me. Practice deep breathing exercises ‘Pranayas’ and/or meditation at least for 10-15 minutes daily.

Other Skin care tips: Avoid smoking. Toxins is tobacco smoke can take a toll on your skin.

Do not take hot showers, hot water removes natural oil from skin


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