Facts about Zinc for colds

Do the zinc lozenges work?

Scientific literature says they shorten the duration of common cold by up to 42% and also lessen the severity of symptoms.


How does Zinc work?

Zinc ions work by releasing ionic zinc, which has an affinity to the same receptor that cold viruses are attracted to, on the mucus membranes of nose and throat. Zinc makes the cells in your nose unfriendly for virus to survive.


How many lozenges a day?

5-6 lozenges a day (total 75mg a day). Do not chew, just let them melt in your mouth.


When should I start using them?

When you see the initial symptom of cold like a throat tickle. You could start using them if you had an exposure from a close family member even before you notice symptoms.


Can I use these lozenges all through the flu season just to be extra cautious?

No, It is not recommended to use them more than one week at a time. Save them to use when you really need them.


How about a Zinc nasal spray?

No. Nasal spray can damage the sense of smell.  Sometimes this damage could be permanent.


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