Green Roti

Today I am sharing Green Roti recipe. An easy recipe to make your kids eat avocado and roti all at once. Know the ingredients and preparation of this very nutritious and delicious recipe.

2 cups of wheat flour, unbleached

¼ cup besan(channa dal or garbanzo fl)

1 cps bacchali or methi leaves or any green leaf of your choice like spinach, mustard greens or kale; roughly chopped and loosely packed

1tsp turmeric (optional)

1 tbsp corriander powder(optional)

1 tsp Gharam masala

1 tsp cumin seeds(jeera)(otional)

3 tbsp coconut oil

½ cup yogurt

½ tsp celtic sea salt

Green roti

Mix all the ingredients. No need to saute the leaves. Mix well until you can make a ball, add yogurt and warm water as needed to make firm dough. This dough should not stick to your hand, if it sticks, you added more water; If it crumbles up, it needs more liquid.

Knead for 5 minutes to form soft, pliable ball. Make few lime size balls and knead thin into round shapes. Roti in this photo are made with bacchali leaves. I prefer this leaf, because it is slimy and a good binder.

Green roti

Rolling out Chapatis:

Knead and rollout the dough into a cylindrical long roll on a wood board. Take small lime sized portions and shape them into balls.

Sprinkle some flour on clean board. Using a rolling pin, press/roll out the dough into a big thin round. To get layers, fold the rolled out round twice, to get a triangle shape then roll into a big, thin triangle.

Green roti

Cooking Rotis:

Heat a cast-iron griddle, when it is hot, place the roti and fry it on each side until golden.

You can have this by itself. This goes well with any curry like No oil egg plant soy curry, creamy greens, eggplant and unripe mango medley, broccoli and pea saute.

Green roti



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