Unripe Mango

The raw mango is widely consumed throughout India. Some of them have sharp sour taste and some have sweetish sour taste. Mango is called ‘King of Asian Fruits’, it is one of the few fruits that can be enjoyed both as unripe and ripe. Both ripe and unripe mangoes are used as tenderizing agents.

It is an excellent source of vitamin C and high in antioxidants.

Unripe Mango


They are fairly large fruit and contain a very large seed, which is difficult to slice through once it is ripe. Cutting and slicing around the seed and peeling off the slices from the seed is the easiest way to conveniently manage them. I cut few mangoes at once, then freeze them for later use as these are not available in all seasons. A few slices go a long way.

How to consume:

  • Great addition to your smoothies.
  • Traditional Raw mango energy drink: cook raw mango on coal and take pulp out, mix with sugar and drink.
  • Dehydrated mango pieces can be added to many different curries.
  • Traditionally eat the raw mango pieces with some salt and chili. or steep the cut pieces in salt and turmeric water to make it palatable.
  • Raw mango and eggplant curry
  • Mango and lentil mix
  • In south India this fruit is pickled with salt, oil and chilly powder.

Where to find:

You should be able to get them from most Indian grocery stores and find recipes online.

Amchoor powder is a powder made with dried raw mangoes, is not as tasty as fresh mango.

Caution: avoid eating more than one unripe mango in a day because of it acidic content.

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